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Stufflers is a mobile party activity where kids 'Stuff' their very own teddy bear or plush animal with our 1.5m tall mobile stuffing machine. Stufflers is a fun and easy activity that you can do at home birthdays or onsite at your event.

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Welcome to Stufflers! Make a Bear at Home for your Child's Birthday Party in Coburg North!


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Birthday Parties at home with Stufflers in Coburg North and surrounds!


Build Stufflers Panda and Boyan unforgettable Kids Birthday Party in Coburg North where each guest makes a Teddy Bear or Furry Animal Friend! Stufflers Parties are available to Melbourne suburbs including Coburg, West Footsgray, Spotswood and more. 

Stufflers – Stuff a Bear at Home Party!

Stufflers Parties are a great Indoor Birthday Party Option, ideal for rainy weather.  Every child gets to make and keep their own animal or teddy bear, and further personalising options are available such as clothes and accessories.

Your Stufflers Party Pack starts at $24.40 per child (for an 8 pack) to as low as $18 per child (for a 24 pack).  The Stuffler Furry Friend is taken home by the party guest, so can be offered instead of a party bag!


How a Stufflers Party works:



 Download our

"How to Run Your Stufflers Party"

pdf file to see how easy our create your own animal or teddy bear party is!



Stufflers is a Franchise Company providing awesome kids birthday parties throughout Australia.  

We are adding to our range frequently, and have a range of animal styles which boys will love to build, and girls will love to design and style.

To book, browse the full range at and book online, or talk to our friendly call centre staff!